Monday, October 15, 2012

Marker Bruise.

My inquiry in to a small mark on Kenley's face leads to this conversation:

Me: "Is that a boo boo on your face?"
Kenley: "No."
Me: "Then what is it?"
Kenley: "I color on myself."
Me: "You did, hey?"
Kenley: "Yeah."
Me: "What'd you color on yourself with?"
Kenley: "A marker."
Me: "Oh yeah? What color."
Kenley: "Pink."
Me: "Where'd you get a pink marker from?"
Kenley: "The box."
Me: "And where's the box?"
Kenley: "In the kitchen."
Me: "So you colored on your face with a pink marker that you found in a box in the kitchen?"
Kenley: "Yup."
Me: "When did you do that?"
Kenley: "Because."
Me: "No, not 'why', when?"
Kenley: *scrunches up face* "Because."


Husband: "Did you see Kenley's bruise on her face?"
Me: "Yeah, I did see that. She said she colored on it with pink marker."
Husband: "No, I accidentally bumped in to her with the vacuum while I was vacuuming."

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